American Dream


The American dream refers to the desires that every man wants to live and become what his purposes of living calls him to become. The American dream is significance of freedom of achieving your dreams at your own speed. The origin of the phrase American dream is derived from a group British people who wanted to be set free from the monarchical rule of King George the second and thus came to American to seek that freedom. The American dream calls for ones sacrifice in order to achieve your desired dreams in life. There are different meanings that arise when we here the phrase American dream. However, the meaning of the American dream remains to be search for personal freedom. In this paper, we are going to look for a deeper understanding of the American dream by analyzing the history of the American dream and the origins, causes of that led to the founding American dream.

To begin with, the American dream is a symbol of freedom. Freedom from colonial rule, freedom to achieve goals in life and the freedom to achieve social stability by every human despite the challenges one may encounter in life. The history of the American dream dates back in the rule of King George the first in the 17th century where thousands of America travelled to America in search of religious and political freedom. England was facing economic instability and wide spread of unemployment that was cause by farmers who switched from agriculture to livestock production that required one to employ few workers. This colonist sacrificed the little they had to sail across the sea to America. They did so because they knew that there was a land where they could raise their lives better. British colonist founded the American dream.  

In the past the American dream had a different meaning to the people of America. However, this has changed over the time with different people around the world view of America as the land of hope and opportunity. In the modern world the American dream has faced critics from global leaders for trying to convince human beings that each and everyone has an equal opportunity despite their social background. The American dream has different meaning to people around the world. Critics around the world have blamed the American dream for over-inflated opportunities, because it has done nothing to improve the situation in which the working class is hard to get ahead.

For many of the people who visit United States, the aim of coming to this great country is to find a chance where you will be able to achieve all your dreams without going through difficult circumstances. For example, my friend in college says that he finds this country a great country where the government is committed towards developing and assisting each individual to achieve and live a good life. This is through the ensuring there are mechanisms put in place to ensure that life is fair to everyone. People believe that if you bring up your child in America they have better chance of prospering in life than other place in the world only to find barriers like class, caste, religion, race and ethnicity.

As for me, the American dream is about fulfilling once desire in a modern world where you do not have to have trouble because our founding father laid a good foundation stone. Many people come to America in search of greener pasture which can only be only be achieved by people with good skills. You cannot come to America and get rich sudden, you have possessed skills that will help you achieve what you want out of America. Yes is the land of opportunity, but it requires individual to have skills that will help earn a living and respect in the society. My American dream is about personal obligation at once space and serene environment that supports my dream. Achieving dreams here is very easy since the government has established policies that guide our lives in the right direction. For example, look at the No Child Left Behind act of 2001 that allows all children to have access to quality education. All these factors enable individual to achieve their dreams easily while in America than any other parts of the world. The American dream is real, but only if you set the right mind.

Finally, the American dream is closely link with the development of American from an unrecognized land to one of the most desire destination globally. Over people look for visas to travel and live in the US because of its many factor that favor life. The American dream should be defined at a personal level since it requires personal motives in achieving once goal. As we have seen, it is clear that America dream entails the search for freedom in a land where you own the right to develop you life at the speed you expect. However, this dream requires hard work for one to achieve his goals. The America dream cannot be realistic without strategy. You have to posses’ skills and strategy that will make your dream realistic. You do not wake up and find riches in your table. Everyone has equal chance to succeed in life but with the right target.


Under Wall-Mart


Wal-Mart is the largest organization in the globe that plays a major role in the world economy. It is the most influential and largest retailer having obtained its corporate preeminence in the retail field. The U.S.A based stores has recorded a tremendous turnout of customers that is, an approximate of 8,400 consumers due to the drastically growth over the years. As the company expands or distributes its services and products all over the world (Midwest-rural south –urban American) it recorded 82% of the American citizens relay on the company products for the household use.

            According to the statistic collected, due to the enormous marketplace of the company it has manage to dominate over 30% of the entire market share dealing with household products. The consumers has given positive feedback on the good services and products of Wal-Mart terming it to have the best and customer friendly bargain price thus enhancing the company’s retail supremacy.

            It implies that the organization has force its supplier to cut down their prices to promote the larger stores obtain more of the market share. The organization’s success did not go through without getting some critics raising charges against it. For instance, Wal-Mart was referred to as an organization which is purchasing power and trying to cost save any relevant efficiencies in order to eliminate the local rival in the business.

Wal-Mart is alleged of paying it worker low wages and stands as an anti- union. That is it labor cost is lowered by a 20% compared to the normal wages offered by other competitors organization. Its growth is the major cause for the fall of the other institutions by narrowing the consumer’s choice by giving the retailers the greatest power to serve as censor for the cultures.



Martin Luther King Jr



Martin Luther king Jr. is amongst America’s celebrated clergyman and human rights activists. He was the de facto leader of the African-American civil rights movement.  Born in January 15, 1929, he rose from simple humble backgrounds to a respected clergyman and historical icon. As a young man growing up the during the times of the great American racial segregation period martin grow up every day of his life with a soft spot for humanity and equality. His own father was a local pastor at the Baptist church and helped mentor the young Luther to the ways of the scripture. Little did he know that it was his first accent to the political and social war of America’s progressivism and civil disobedience through non violent means? 

As a minister of the Baptist church in American state of Tuskegee he led the 1955 famous Montgomery Bus boycott which was a first attempt of curbing racism and equity to humanity in public transport vehicles. These followed an incidence where American Negroes were not allowed to share public vehicles with their white’s counterparts. In one incidence where one of their own Rosa Lee Park was arrested because she could not offer her seat to a white traveler due to health reasons. She was later arrested for breaking rules which during the time were set by Jim Cross. It was an offence to use public toilets or entrances to public amenities which were designated for whites only. The boycott was followed by a series of several others in an attempt to liberate civil rights and recognition. This boycott was to last 382 days until the ban was uplifted.

He was a pastor of the Dexter Baptist church and a strong vocalist for freedom.  The quest for racial liberation was not without its cost as the police replied to the demonstrations with excessive force. Martin never tired was soon re-energized more in the struggle for liberation against racial segregation.   He soon organized the March 1963 peaceful demonstration in Washington in which he delivered his renowned speech “I have a dream” and established his reputation as one of America’s greatest orator of all time.  He expanded his vision for liberation to include the liberation against poverty and also focused on the Vietnam War. This was later termed as “poor people’s campaign” He was to develop himself into radical human rights figure that he soon became  the subject of investigation of the FBI as a possible communist agent. His house and property was destroyed. This did not however deter him from achieving his goals of civil liberations and independence.  

He was amongst the youngest laureates to receive the Nobel Peace for combating and addressing racial inequality through peaceful means and non violence.  He was soon after that to spread his demonstrations to the whole of America.   His greatest inspiration was Mahatma Gandhi who addressed the British colonialist and the peaceful fight for independence. He believed in strong moral values as a guide towards social liberation and independence.  Luther king Jr. was a renowned socialist and he was straight in tackling issues and the politics of liberation.  He believed the empowerment of the people instead of the power of corruption and that the main reason why his activism was without a political motive.  Martin Luther king was assassinated on April, 1964 in the state of Memphis as he was on a trip to organize for more demonstrations all over the cities of the United States.    His alleged assassinator James Earl Ray was linked as having been linked to state machinery.  His death was characterized by a series of riots all over America. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of freedom and a martin Luther king, a day was established in America to mark the historic moment in racial liberation and celebrate the greatest Hero in American history.  A memorial stature was also erected in his honor and his late home turned in to a historic hub where echoes of freedom are still heard beyond this fallen hero thus Martin Luther King still remains an icon of inspiration to me and many.




The name Illuminati refer to several groups, both fictitious and real. This name originated from a Latin name, Bavarian Illuminati which refer to an era of enlightenment of the secret society which was founded on 1st May 1776. This secret society was meant to go against prejudice, superstition, abuses of state of power, religious influence over public life, as well as supporting gender equality and women’s education. The illuminati and other secret societies formed by the leadership of Bavarian government were outlawed through efforts of the Roman Catholic in 1785. In the years that followed, religious critics and conservatives vilified the group due to claims that they regrouped and they caused the French Revolution.

In another angle, illuminati refer to the several organizations that are purported or claiming to be insubstantially related to the former Bavarian Illuminati. These groups have always been alleged to control the world affairs conspiringly through masterminding events as well as through agents in corporations and governments. All these efforts of masterminding events in corporations and governments are to gain a new order in the world as well as gaining further influence and political power. It argued that illuminati lay its foundation on movies, novels, comics, televisions, shows, music videos, and video games.

The movement started in 1st May 1776, in Bavaria by five members. This was started by Jesuit and then taught Adam, a professor of University of Ingolstadt. The group was composed of freethinkers as the beginning of enlightenment and it was believed to have been based on the Freemasons. The members of illuminati took the oath of secrecy and respect to their superiors. The members of this secret group were basically divided into three groups or classes. Each group had several degrees and many of the illuminati concentrations drew their terms of membership from current the Masonic lodges.

The aims and goals of illuminati include the efforts to eliminate prejudice, superstition, and dominion of catholic churches over philosophy; silence and science. They also try as much as possible to eliminate the oppressive abuse of power by states. They also advocate for women’s treatment and support in all aspects of life equitably. The members of illuminati were mainly the influential intellectuals and the powerful politicians. The order has several branches all over Europe, recently reporting an increase in number to about 2000 members in duration of ten years. Most literary men were convinced to join this order. Some of the men are Johann Goethe.
Karl Theodor became the ruler of Bavaria in 1777. He was a staunch ruler who eliminated all secret groups which included Illuminati. The rupture and panic within this secret society led to its downfall. The documents relating to this secret group were seized by the government in 1786 and the home of Von Zwack was raided in order to retrieve more information relating to illuminati.

Between the period of 1797 to 1798, Barruel and Robinson brought forward illustrations both theory and publicized claiming that the secret group of illuminati survived. They brought forward claims including the claim that it was the driving force of the French Revolution. They also claimed that illuminati represented an international conspiracy that was ongoing. The works of Barruel and Robinson were spread to United States of America. Some of the religious groups preached against the existence and spread of illuminati all over Europe and America. This issue raised concern all over about illuminati. The concern about illuminati decreased in the early 1800’s but it revived again during the campaigns against Masonic movements 1820 to 1810s.

In the modern world, most of the present-day and recent claim to have originated from the original Bavarian illuminati making the use of the name illuminati is very common in the current society. Some of the groups use variations in the order but others use illuminati to symbolize a certain trend or level in their organization. Despite the fact that there is little evidence that the current groups have got significant amount of influence or power, these groups still encourage affiliation to the illuminati so as to attract membership rather than remaining in secrecy.  

Though there is no proof that the original Bavarian illuminati thrived the suppression forces in 1785, most writers have argued and claimed that it survived and it is currently present in the modern society. Many of the conspiracy theories claims that most activities in the world are controlled by the secret group called illuminati. The conspiracy theorists have also claimed that most of the notable personalities in the world were or they are still members of this secret group called illuminati. The conspiracy theory focused on finding evidence that relates to illuminati from the historical events like French Revolution, Waterloo and the assassination of President J.F Kennedy. The infiltration into the film industry of Hollywood was also attached to illuminati. It is also argued that illuminati play a major role in the plots of various novels which are ion supply. They also argue that the mixture of pure fiction, historical fact or established conspiracy can be used to portray illuminati control and influence.


Woman on the Media


In the modern world, women physical appearance and beauty has been used widely to portray an ideal appearance which is not possible in reality. This ideal perception of women used in the media has made the women to focus their time and attention in matters pertaining to beauty and physical appearance as showed on the media. The media have used beauty to make women forget important values in life like self objectives, characteristics and individuality. This happen because women tend to concentrate on their physical attributes as portrayed by the media. The media made women to always believe in perfection of their beauty. The media use women to portray a perfect figure of their bodies as well as their shape to indicate beauty. Women have been made to believe on being perfect housewives in conducting home chores like taking care of their children and husbands and at the same time having a good career. All these efforts of the media are meant to make the woman an object of beauty and home worker for the benefit of men.

In the modern world women bodies and organs are used in the media a subjects in promotion of products and services in the market. This make s women strain to attain the appearances portrayed in the media making them lose their true values in life because they will divert their efforts in seeking such ideal perception of the media. The image and perception of women portrayed in the media have made them tools to be controlled by the media to attain their own plans and objectives. This perception of women in the media made them lose concentration on the real life issues like social responsibility, independence and consciousness in their personal lives. This is because women have been used in advertisements as perfect sex objects and toys for men. Women are used by advertisement to promote their products and services like the use of naked women images to advertise services like beaches and swimming costumes.

Women bodies are used to portray perfect skin qualities like color and smoothness in the promotion of body lotions and cosmetics. Women put a lot of their attention in perfection of their beauty in respect to their skins and dressing which is an aim of the advertisement companies to maximize their profits. This has made companies to compete in using the most perfect women models in the promotion of their products. This makes women put their attention and focus on the image portrayed in the advertisements which diverts attention from their own life issues. The companies makes their profits but this makes the image of women degraded and perceived a s sex objects. This leaves women to attain perfection in beauty which is an impossible non-existent thing.

The perception of beauty by the media to be perfect as they portray have made those women who do not have such qualities to look down upon themselves. This subjects them psychological trauma and stress since they perceive their physical attributes to be low and imperfect. This makes women to go ahead and use the cosmetics advertised in a bid to attain the perceived looks and beauty. The women may end up using products which may be disastrous to their skins leading to other health problems. Most of the women avoids taking food as they struggle to attain a thin and attractive physical body as portrayed by the media. This may have negative impact on women because the results may not be as they expect leading to emotional depression and low self-esteem. The whole process lead to objectification of women. This make the women lose their original identities.

In most of the film productions, for instance, in Hollywood film productions women have been used as objects to portray love and sex to men. This objectification of women lowers their status to merely sex objects. This makes women believe that their role in life is to make men happy by fulfilling their sexual desires as well as taking care of them. The soap opera movies portray perfect relationships making women believe that they are tools for making men happy. The music videos use content which contains naked women in order to market their songs. This still portray women as sex objects. The exposure to sexual content makes many young women engage in risky sexual behavior which results in unpleasant consequences in their lives.

The use of pornography is another tool used to objectify women. It exposes women to sexual activities both with men and objects or even animals like dogs. The excessive consumption of pornographic materials makes people perceive women as sex objects. This leads to low dignity of women because they will be viewed as mere sex toys which are used to gratify sexual pleasures.

Women are viewed as perfect wives and mothers. They are also expected to excel in their careers in order to act as role models to their children. They are therefore to sacrifice a lot in achieving all these objectives as portrayed in the media.

In conclusion the constructed image of women in the media have made women suffer a lot psychological torture and stress as they try to attain the ideal perfection. This exposes them to many difficult situations because perfection is not possible. This has also led to a negative perception towards women since in most cases they are viewed as sex objects.



Breaking up with someone can be such had to individual who are emotionally weak.  If you have been involved on a relationship and you feel that that relationship is not working out. It is good to understand that that is your point of view. You may not be in a position to explain what the other part feels about you. Your partner maybe be feeling something different and may not be expecting to break up with you. It is necessary to take the right approach that will result to you having a friendship relationship after the break up. However, reality is that you should not expect an automatic friend approval from your ex-lover. It may take time most months.

Furthermore, it is advisable to step up a good environment for you and your partner, an environment that is far from the public in order to avoid embarrassing your partner in public. Additionally the reason why you should chose serene and secure environment that is far away from a crowd is that this will enable you and your partner to discuss in details the reason as why you feel your relationship is not making sense. Ensure your break up does not come out as a surprise, let your partner get the feeling that everything is not okay .  A point to note is that it is not advisable to breakup with your partner through mobile conversation or through the internet.

Finally, ensure that you explain yourself honestly. Your partner can connect with your telling and she is in a better position to know if you’re taking from your heart. In addition to this, give your partner a chance to respond to your suggestion. After breaking up with your partner, it is advisable that your main you cell phone number. Do not date anyone person immediate for a period of not less than months’.



Diplomatic ties between nations are of great importance as the saying goes no nation is an island in matters concerning trade; it is unimaginable to have oil as the key economic resource but lack market for this important good?

It is of importance to maintain the long existed trade the between China and Saudi Arabia traceable to 1980s and which formed deep inter-relations in 1990s necessitating diplomatic interventions to make trading between the countries formal. Mutual benefits and comparative advantage in production and marketing of goods and services, between the two countries proofs the importance of the partnership evident by the remarkable economic achievements of these nations.

The earliest formal talk between the two nations is traced back to 1985 and later in 1989 Saudi Arabian minister for foreign affairs forwarding credentials to the foreign affairs minister of China, which resulted to the upgrading of trade between the two civilizations.

Diplomatic relations were, established between China and Saudi Arabia. These diplomatic ties were established to firstly for economic benefits, as Saudi Arabia was the main supplier of oil to China estimated at 40% annually. Due to this dependence China, strengthen its efforts to maintain the relationship.

Secondly, Saudi Arabia after the Second World War had recognized China as a sovereign state. Initially the partnership between the two countries was based on Agriculture. In the recent years China and Saudi Arabia have been conducting exchange high profile visits and programs that have ensure mutual political trust and understanding.

China and Saudi Arabia have made progressive achievements in economic stabilization and development due to the harmonized trade networks and friendly leadership between them. In the year, 2011 China Gross Domestic Product (GDP) reached 47.1 trillion Yuan with foreign reserves standing at 21.2 trillion Yuan in 2012. China trade volume was the largest in the world in the year 2011, with China-Saudi Arabia trade volume estimated at 421.28 billion Yuan

The trade between Saudi and China in the year 2012 reached the world record of US$73.4 billion. The increased open market for its products is attributed to the solid relationship with Saudi Arabia which despite of the various challenges it has continued gearing the economies and bilateral cooperation in various sectors of the two nations.

The trade relationship between Saudi Arabia and China had brought with it Military, Nuclear cooperation and Scholarship and aid. Saudi Arabia has been the largest donor to China.

Furthermore, students learning exchange programs have been rampant in recent years. Various scholars who happened to utilize those opportunities for their academic wellbeing have testified the benefits of such programs. With social interaction amongst citizens of the two civilization, cultural, educational, scientific and educational exchanges increases for instance students from China have been attending forums held in Saudi while also students from China attend forums hosted by Saudi.

There exists no doubt that the rooted trade between Saudi and China is of great importance as it is the reason behind increased economic milestone development of the two states. Trade is of high benefit amongst nations, currently several nations are in bid for trading partners and so Saudi Arabia and China must be lucky to maintain their trading relationship. It is therefore high recommendable that the two nations to uphold the tie for their own benefit and struggle to improve the living standards of their citizens.