Abortion in America



Abortion in America is increasing at a higher rate. This is according to operation rescue statistics released in 2012.  According to this organization, four out of 10 pregnant girls in America are likely to abort. In the year 2012, there were slightly over 6 million unintended pregnancies and 40% of these pregnancies were aborted. According to the same statistics, 4% of women aged 14-39 carryout abortion each year. Additionally, united States have the highest rates of abortion in all first world countries, and all the abortion that takes place in America are conducted during the 10th week of pregnancy. Therefore, abortion should be declared a national disaster in America. What does one need to ask is what does this trend suggest? For America, women are not ready to become parents.

To begin with, what has caused these rates to increase in the recent years? Does a rape victim enjoy the right to abortion?  These questions are yet to be answered in America and the more the answers are prolonged more pregnancy keeps in occurring.  What is the main source that leads to unwanted, early pregnancy?  The reality is, over 62% percent of abortion cases that have been carried out in United States have been because of rape case. How can we justify this statement? Only 57% of all rape cases in United States justice have been delivered to the victim. What this means is that American prefer abortion other than reporting rape crime. What American argues is that, one should not be forced to bear a child that she seeks lawful abortion.

However, according united states law,  victims who carryout abortion have been accused of interfering with rape case evidence and therefore these cases end up unjustified. What options do these instances give to our lovely American women? The only option that is left is illegal termination of pregnancy. How does this take place in America?  This is the situation in America and why American women opt to carry abortion is that no woman wants to bear a child through rape and that no American woman wants to be associated with paternal rapist. The humiliation that one undergoes after a rape incident is worse and this lead to opting for an aborting. Additionally, immoral behaviors have lead to the increase in rape cases. Over 41% of all rape cases of women aged 16-44 carry out reason being they cannot directly identify the father unless DNA test is carried out.

Abortion occurs due to individual’s decision to deal with it normally it happens either due to plans made by the person or merely the unwanted pregnancy. The statistics depicted in America show that the teenagers engage in abortion, abortion done due to one being the age of 18 is actually, because such a person in America is considered a minor. The American law clearly explains the instance of one accused of impregnating a minor. One risk being sued for sexual exploitation on a person who is still immature and young and not in a position to make sound decisions to agree to engage in sexual activities.

In fact about 34% of the school going girls most in high school fall under the age of 18 years and get exploited by individual idle or working especially richer people they cheat on the girls about going out and give them money. Such acts normally lead to unprotected sex, which put the girl in danger of getting pregnant. The young individuals have little or no information about the issue of sex protection and pregnancy. America though well developed; the illiterate and literate often ignore the campaigns on the matter. Hence the victims would opt to carry out abortion when they fin d the m selves pregnant yet one is still in school, thy reason out that they would loss in academics also the pressure of the person responsible putting pressure to avoid his arrest for impregnating. Other reasons may include questioning from parents and friends one her being pregnant at a tender age.

Abortion is also done due to the fact that such an individual is not yet ready to become a parent such incidences happen especially people living in poverty stricken families , the essence of determining unborn child is deemed right by them as they base it on economic could not get all would be of tender age individualism situation. However, the major point is that such individual’s does abortion because they lack maturity band responsibility therefore incapable of being responsible. Such individuals would face psychological disorder as the matter to manage a family is not easy and calls for a great responsibility and sacrifice hence they decide to abort the unborn babies.

In conclusion, the three issues actually depict the essence of abortion happening in America, and it calls for measures to be taken to curb it by use of rule of law and civic education. America as one of the well performing in terms of economics has abortion as the arising social issue, which has led to erosion of respect for humanity.


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