biasness in the in the case of zimmerman

We are in the twenty first Century and by now no one expects that an issue concerning racism should arise. However continually, cases regarding racism and ethnicity are arising in the world.


It occurs mainly in areas where you least expect. In areas that have more than one race residing in the same area are areas thought to least likely to produce cases of racism but however continually prove contrary to that. The United States of America is also not an exception.

Time and again cases regarding racism arise in the United States of America. It is seen that though in paper it is clearly stated that though shall not judge another by the color of their skin however, it remains engraved in the hearts of some of the majority that minority are inferior to them by their skin colors. The issue is quite a burden to the citizens and the leaders too. Issues arise particularly when the minorities feel that they deserved to get an opportunity but however were denied the opportunity. More often than not they (minorities) term this as an act of racism. This thus raises the debate of what really is racism and ethnicity.

In this context the story of Trayvon Martin lingers in every Americans mind. This is the story of a kid who was shot by the alleged George Zimmerman on the fatal night of February 26th 2012. This fatal tragedy took place in Sanford, Florida. Trayvon was a seventeen year old student whereas George Zimmerman a 28 year old was the neighborhood watch coordinator. He helped guard Martin’s temporary home and which was the same place where the shooting took place.

It is reported that the police had gotten an earlier call from Zimmerman who had heard the gunshots. The police arrived at the scene of the murder two minutes after the gunshots were heard and despite Zimmerman calling in to report he was arrested and put under questioning for five hours. He was however released due to lack of legal grounds pending investigations.

In mid July this year, George Zimmerman was acquitted of all charges and this sent the whole African-American peoples in a rage. The cry of foul play on a black child was the sole root of the demonstrations that had spread all over the country like wildfire. The whole African American community felt that the judicial system was to blame for the injustice on Martin. What defines racism is the societal rules and laws placed in such a way to show that life is just but a game of opportunities. It is not known what opportunities Zimmerman had that he saw the need to eliminate Martin in order to secure his opportunity. George Zimmerman was of mixed-race; Hispanic. This brings us to the immigration issue whereby we see that great numbers of Hispanic have been noted to be the largest numbers of immigrants from Mexico into the United States. The Hispanics have also steadily been increasing in the number of crime rates however blame is still placed on the African American community. This is seen as racism in all different ways.

The placing of blame on the black child and stating that crime is well associated with the black child automatically when a person of another race is included clearly depicts racist behavior. The law in itself states that one is innocent unless proved guilty. This statement should not be one that should just be used aimlessly rather should be key to judgment so as to avoid making assumptions about others based on their skin tone. It has also been noted that the different races present in the country have segregated themselves into clusters. According to research carried out, this has led to many of the ethnic groups present to have more closed mindedness that has resulted in the numerous racist acts and behaviors. Researchers state that there should be mass education to encourage all Americans to engage themselves with one another and to also increasing and harmony among them. This is the key to reducing the never ending racism. The further apart the country’s ethnic groups fall out the more the racist claims and crimes against humanity there shall be.

The racial story dated 14th July 2013 tells the tale of how this was a temporary home for the late Martins. This shows that Martins was probably on the move to another home or has been moving all his life. The fatal killing of the seventeen year old by a neighborhood watch guard shows just how insecure our neighborhoods are unsafe for our children. At anytime they could be subject to crime against humanity. This was probably also a case of immigration whereby it comes as a result of issues against human rights. Probably Mr. Zimmerman was in deals to bring in illegal immigrants and before he could Mr. Martins got wind of the information and was about to report him. However the case the fact that Martin was said to be in a temporary home brings in a lot of questions. According to the legal systems, the media with their stereotype misled the public by adding salt to injury. The acquittal of Mr. Zimmerman came only a month after the court ruled out the chances of provision of the voting rights act of 1965. The jury which was made up women only and not a single one of them was black made a decision after carrying out a debate for sixteen hours over two days. A reverend was quoted to say that the death of Martin was a result of black men being viewed as a problem. She continued further to say that the black men and boys of the country were greatly stigmatized and that needed to change. Despite Central Florida being a modest city, a killing of such fatality could still occur shows just how great this stigmatization that Dr. Warnock speaks of. With the African American society outraged by the murder of Martin committed by Mr. Zimmerman, the president Obama came through to speak on his remorse on the boy’s untimely death. He spoke to the people of the African-American community to respect the rule of the law. This then prompted the   Justice department to state that it would review the case so as to find out whether or not it would revisit the case so as to pass prosecution against Mr. Zimmerman. According to the charges Mr. Zimmerman had he faced a sentence of nearly a few decades in jail.

Therefore, it came as a disappointment and also as a shock that all these charged Mr. Zimmerman was able to be acquitted of them all and not a single one was he charged with. This may be the reason why the African Americans took to the streets to protest the death of a young one and seeking justice against him. This also was also a cry for stop of this racism that was continuing in the country. It is clear that despite all efforts to eradicate racism, it still remains the biggest challenge in the 21st century. Better strategies for the eradication of this unpleasant behavior need to be thought of in order to completely eradicate the behavior. The same man who had solely been handed the position to guard band coordinate guards in the community was the same man caught in between the biggest crime in the state. This made a clear statement that none of the black children were safe and in justice could be done unto them and the doer would not even be touched. The fact that the victim of crime was also in a temporary location shows how unsafe new areas can be unto the minority who may be subject to racism and ethnicity degradation. This has made African American citizens question the justice system and its ability to implement laws effectively.



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