is Obama worth to be called an internationalist?


To begin with, one of the policies that the Obama administration will be remembered is the passing of the foreign policy into law. This policy has received positive and negative criticism from leaders around the world with some terming Obama isolationist. Of course, Syria is one such country where the United States foreign policies have been applied. Obama has been criticized for arming the Syrian rebel. Is arming rebels the best way to end civil war in Syria? Well the answer is no. this has raised critic’s voice to see the Obama mission in Syria as irrelevant and instead a spice up of the war.

Secondly, Obama international relations with other leaders suggest something different an internationalist. In fact, if memory serves me right, before the death of Muamar Gaddafi he wanted Gaddafi indicted at the International Criminal Court for war against human rights that up to date cannot be justified. In addition, after the end of Iraqi war it was right for him to close Guantanamo Bay and free the prisoners of war to their respected countries. Up to date, the center is still in operation. Definitely, Obama’s ideologies are not to unite the world, after his first term in office, it was clear that he had given up on the war against AL-Qaeda. Thirdly, the international media have been bias in the way civil war in Syria is broadcasted. The media were on the forefront in saving Obama’s president to sound perfect. The Arab-spring has been promoted by the Obama administration and it has been reported in the media that anti-Islam filmmakers trigger the cause of the spring. The movie has been on broadcast since July of 2012 and critics has shifted their attention from the Obama interest in the middle to the movie because of the way the media reports the cause of the spring.

On September 12 0f 2012, New York times report the cause of the Libyan violence as a cause as ruthless militia who were up in arms against the united states mission in Libya. Obama does not receive backing from his own political party. This is evident when Obama was proposing a grand bargain bill with the hope that he was going to get approval from both parties. Three Republican senators rejected Obama’s bid citing the move biased and it will mess with the United State economy. His policies towards Syria can be rated four out of ten. Obama has failed in resolving Syrian civil. Providing weapons to rebels to fight government cannot unite Syrians. Negotiations are easier ways of achieving peace in a country. The economy of Syria is drowning while the American government gains financially by selling weapons.


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