Political interactions globally

ImageThe internet as the most recent and major form of communication has greatly changed the means by which information is currently being relayed from one place to another. As a result, this has led to new and diverse ways through which information relayed through the internet is utilized.  The internet as a whole has been vital in revolutionizing the entire and the larger communication sector.

It can be indispensably said that the recently achieved major strides in the communication sector are as a result of the sole invention of the internet.  Such major stride entails the paradigm shift from an era dominated by broadcast and passive reception, to an age where communication is characterized by digital natives, where communication is instantaneous and interactive.  The current generations are termed as a generation that has been brought up with the internet and expects nothing less rather than its continuous involvement and participation.

The evolution towards the recent information communication technology patterns provides governments of almost every country with an opportunity to carry out its functions and operations in a more engaging, innovative and cost effective manner. In the recent past, many governments across the globe have integrated effective communication tools such as Twitter and Facebook to engage with their citizens concerning the many and major affairs affecting their citizens.  

This basically aims at reaching out the larger audiences through non common or traditional channels and modes of communications.  Through this, many governments have been able to successfully communicate their goals, objectives and plans to their citizens and acquiring feedback for the same.  Many governments through the use of the internet have been able to engage programs that aim at exchanging ideas between the government and their citizens. In addition to this, governments of many countries also utilize the internet to make the citizens aware of the public services purposely developed and aimed at the citizens that are at their disposal.

The use of the internet as an effective mode of communication has found vast and immeasurable application in the social media. In turn, this returns the power to the citizens through the many social awareness programs that are captured by the internet.  The social media through the use of the internet provides an inexpensive, readily and widely available tool that facilitates the airing of challenges, queries and questions from the citizens to the various authorities.

The new internet technologies highly contribute to the citizen empowerment through enlightening them on their democratic rights, while at the same time improving governance in numerous governments. This has translated in efficiencies in service deliveries by many governments through the enhancement of such values such as transparency, honesty, accountability and responsiveness.  This develops and enhances citizens’ trust and reliability to their governments through being made aware of all the government’s operations.

 The internet has proved it’s self to be the most effective and efficient way of passing information. Through its many and enhanced features, government officials, journalists and citizens acquire a platform for learning and exchanging ideas concerning local communities based topics.  This enables the citizens to voice the issues that are of the most meaningful importance to them while the government officials gains an opportunity of interacting with the masses, taking heed of their pleas, tap into the citizens ideas, skills and creativity. This has shown immeasurable significance in developing and enhancing governments, transparency on a public point of view.

The internet as a modern efficient and effective form of communication has contributed to the emergence of new citizens and governments. In addition, the incorporation of social media to the internet has greatly enlightened the citizens, thus enhancing transparency in the various governmental authorities. This has translated to immeasurable efficiencies in the day to day operations of various governments.


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