Chinese American’s Life


In the mind of every Chinese citizen, it is not very clear as to when the idea of immigrants came into existence in reality .The mass media busted out the issue to the public after the people of China were subjected to various conditions where some were not pleasant. This raised the concern about this issue since it required public attention in order to secure the people of China from the kind of suffering they were undergoing.

 Research has shown that about eighty percent of the Chinese were willing to migrate to other countries hoping to get better living conditions and jobs outside their country. The reason behind this immigration was the fact the conditions in China were not favorable for their stay therefore makes them move to outside countries in search of job opportunities and a better social life.

The first group of the Chinese to arrive in the United States was in the year 1920.These people were ferried by ships of the merchants and others owned by the Steamship Company. The major component of the immigrants from China was majorly trade merchants and businesspersons whose aim was trading in America. Most of these tradesmen and merchants were after the gold rush in California, America and they were interested to participate in the gold mining in the mid-19th century.

After the end the end of the gold rush, they became workers in the United States doing manual jobs in the agricultural, fishing and mining industries. They ended up doing all kinds of unskilled labor for survival.

In the context of the research conducted at that time, the population was around fourteen billion which accounts for about nineteen percent of the population. This has population makes the competition for jobs very stiff therefore the major portion of the population relies on self-employment especially businesses as well as innovation in other worlds like engineering.

This situation made the Chinese move to America in search more job opportunities as well as a decent life. My uncle was part of the people who moved to America in search of job opportunities as well as the better living conditions. They therefore migrated to America in search of job opportunities.

The Chinese who migrated to America played a great role in building the economy of the United States because they were actively engaged in business making a lot of benefits to this economy. Their energy was therefore involved in building this nation. This therefore means that they are rightful citizens of this country. They were involved in all sectors of the economy ranging from mining, agriculture, fishing and the general trade in this country. Their effect of output is of great contribution and essence to building the economy of this country.

The early Chinese immigrants to the U.S played major roles in establishing the current strong American foundation. Despite the fact that Chinese immigrants to the U.S contributed to the success of the great nation, they were in most instances not given any recognition as stakeholders of the American economy.

 In addition to this, they were severely exploited by their host masters in the U.S. The Chinese immigrants were subjected to hostile environmental and working conditions and end even subjected to slavery at some instances. The greater expectations and dreams of the many Chinese immigrants were shuttered. They were underpaid when it comes to wages and undermined by the fellow American counterparts.

They were considered an inferior race that poses a greater threat to the American economy. The negative perceptions towards the Chinese immigrants by the American counterparts led to the development of many discriminatory laws that subjected the Chinese Americans to more hostile conditions.

The American society literally violated numerous Chinese, Americans civil rights without any forms of legal interventions from the American authorities. By the year 1875, Chinese agitation towards the Chinese immigrants rose to the highest levels compared to any period in the American history.

Chinese immigrants encountered numerous challenges and bitter experiences in the U.S. The events of the entire horrific experience quickly faded away in the minds of the Chinese citizens. This is further supported by the fact that the Chinese people characterized 27% of the total population that characterized the second immigration wave into the U.S.

Many Chinese people were convinced that living conditions in the U.S were far much better than that in China. To their surprise, the majority of the Chinese immigrants to the U.S found themselves in sometimes even more compromising situations than that existing in their home countries.  


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