The future of Hong Kong


This is a city whose territory whose acquisition was made from three entities. It is an island where the British took control over it after a lease agreement of 99 years. The British therefore controlled the city for a term of 99 years as per the terms of the contract. The other new territories combined to form a large network to the extent that it was not separable. This was necessitated by the increase in population. The network was developed with the growth in the infrastructure of the three territories in a large scale as well as other major developments. The new territories were very important grounds for the development of this city after the lease expired in 1997.Economic survival and development of this city relied heavily on the neighboring territories since the market for both labor and commodities depend on the territories.

Many issues aroused regarding the development of this city in the future due to the territorial circumstances that surrounded it. This raised a lot of challenges required for the development for its development.

The future of this city therefore lies in the influence of China since the people of china are in control of the city now. The Chinese now dominate the market of Hong Kong because the population of China is very high. The development of this city therefore depends on the policies formulated by China as well as the technology of China in the implementation of the development projects. This therefore means that the future of this city is likely to change in various aspects like culture, social life and the economic activities due to the inflow of the Chinese into this city. This therefore results from the change in structure of the society.

The inflow of economic benefits into this city made the stocks in the capital markets to rise and the value of shares have been increasing greatly. This is an incentive to further investment in the companies situated in Hong Kong and this raises the standards of living in this city.

The culture of China therefore has a greater impact on the future of this city, for instance, the types of clothing and foods may also change due to the diversity of the population. The people of China go to Hong Kong to buy goods and services because they believe that the products of China are counterfeit compared to the products found in in this city. They also believe that they will have access to quality food in Hong Kong because most the foods in china are toxic and therefore not safe for consumption. The people of also have no trust in the electronic products produced in China and this makes them move to Hong Kong in order to access quality electronic appliances.

The culture of Hong Kong is more ethical compared to the Chinese, this high ethical and moral status in Hong Kong makes the people of china to be attracted to this city where they will have a quality and peaceful life. They believe that they will a quality life because they will have access to safe products which cannot put their health at risk; this there therefore gives them peace of mind.

This influx of the population in Hong Kong will lead to the improvement in its economy due to the inflow of the labor workers from the mainland looking for job opportunities. This may make the life in this city very expensive and the city will also not be easy to manage due to the overpopulation. The congestion that arises may lead to social problem like poor housing since the cost of housing is likely to rise making life unbearable for the low income earners and may lead to development of poor housing conditions as well as poor access to social services like water .This may make the management of the city a hectic task due to overpopulation.

The effect of the rapid development of Hong Kong may create regional economic imbalance in China because the cities the mainland may lag behind in development. This therefore makes Hong Kong richer than the rest of the regions in China making it a risky venture. The people living in the mainland may not have the better services like those in Hong Kong.

The institutions in Hong Kong will improve rapidly since the rich people will leave the mainland in order to live in this peaceful city leaving the rest of the mainland an empty place. The language of the people of Hong Kong has already been altered greatly due to the interactions between the people. This may lead to a clash of language making people conflict in deciding of the language to be used in education.

The political forces are facing Hong Kong has made it face a lot problems in the management decisions that relate to the city. These deadlocks may hamper the progress of the city in the right manner making its progress to slow down. This poor management may lead to problems like pollution making it not easy to handle the city living conditions.

In conclusion, the future of Hong Kong relies on the measures to be out put in place to control and mange this metropolitan city. It calls for a political stable environment in order for this metropolitan to maintain and improve its high class economic conditions.


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