what makes a good citizen?


A citizen is anybody that belongs to a political community: a nation, state, or country. Each country has got its set requirements that a person should meet so as to be termed as its citizen. Again, every nation or country has got its values of citizenship. In addition to that, citizens are awarded certain privileges and rights that aliens are not entitled to. Another point to note is that in some situations, a person can have dual citizenship, meaning that they can become citizens of more than one country.

            There are certain characteristics that are used to define a good citizen. One major characteristic is that a good citizen should be obedient and honor the law of their land. Each country, state or nation has got its own laws, rules, and regulations. They understand the importance of rules and regulations and will therefore, take it upon themselves to learn them in detail and to ensure that they keep follow them to the letter.

            A good citizen is not only mindful of what they own, but are also responsible for other people’s property. They are careful and keen not to do anything that will lead to the destruction of possessions of those around them. Good citizens are also responsible of the environment in which they live. They will not be involved in activities that will cause harm to the surroundings, and will instead engage themselves in activities meant to improve and make their environments better. For instance, they will plant more trees and dispose off their waste appropriately.

            Socially, a good citizen is a person that avoids having conflicts with their neighbors. They are able to live in peace since they respect other people and their ideologies. A good citizen understands well that people have different backgrounds and beliefs, and will not act in a way that may undermine the cultures of other people. To add to these, a good citizen is usually an understanding person. They take time to listen to what others have to say, and put it into consideration.

            Good citizens should be like good Samaritans. A Good Samaritan is a person who is always ready to help anyone in need so long as they can. Again, a Good Samaritan will not only offer their help to people that belong to their race or tribe, or to people that they personally know, but to anyone that needs their help. These can be summed up by saying that a good citizen has empathy for other people, and does not discriminate against others.

            It is common knowledge that learning is a continuous process. Good citizens will grab every opportunity possible to learn something new. They will also take correction positively and seriously, as they are well aware that anyone that does not take correction is a fool. The fact that good citizens are always willing to learn and be corrected means that they are hardworking. A hardworking person is able to work towards their own development, and that of their society.

            In conclusion, a good citizen has got a pleasant personality, and they are able to cohabit peacefully with other people. They know how to avoid conflict with the government and those around them, since they can make sound judgments. Good citizenship can be summarized as having good intellectual and participatory skills.


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