12 hours without Technology


In this study i found that college students feel bored isolated and anxiety. College students who abstain from technology face same challenges similar to individuals who are trying to quit the addiction. According to the researcher, college student who abstain from technology said that they felt disconnected from the rest of the world. The study conducted using all forms of communication technology, which is social media, radio and technology. What this meant is that the student could not communicate to their peer or listen to any form of communication using technology.

In addition, according to a study conducted by International Center for Media & the Public Agenda (ICMPA) college would suffer from anxiety if technology were to be pulled away for more than one day. According to the study, most of college students find themselves comfortable communicating with other people using technology rather than one-on-one communication, this is because of the environment they have been brought up. Abstaining from media meant going without their loved ones. The researchers add on and say that a college student finds it easy to live without television and newspaper other than their iPods and mobile phone. College student was found to obtain news from their friends and family. Finally, the author expressed her concern on young people interdependency on media. It is difficult to for young people to stay away from technology because of the environment they have been raised. However, this can be compared to addiction that can be harmful in other sides of life.

I was unable to accept and move on for 12 hours without visiting to my computer.  It was very agonizing for me to restrict myself from visiting my computer. I had to log in to update my twitter and Facebook accounts just to be in pace with the trends of the world. Amused to social networking and as a student my life is based on technology more specifically my computer. Moreover, I rely on my computer for my class homework.  Information in the current world is vital and just as any other person I find it difficult to manage 12 hours without technology. The quest for information is the driving force that made it difficult for me to go for half a day without technology.

I find it not friendly and easy to manage staying for 12 hours without technology. Technology is becoming every day’s application that every individual requires to access knowledge and improves his or her personal standards of living by keeping up with the current fast moving pace of the world we are living. Not every individual today including me would want to lag behind the news even as late as one hour since things are more rapidly changing.  Within an hour, several ideas and trends move around social networks. Half a day without accessing social websites is unavoidable for any updates chasing person like me. I remember on a day when power outage was in our residence and the whole experience was unbearable as I found myself lying on my bed throughout the entire ordeal. Everything was like in a mess and hours appeared to be like the days. Placing power away, technology touches every aspect of our life.

The experiment was not easy, especially considering that I am used to computers. The use of technology creates efficiency and effectiveness in performing tasks. The absence of technology for 12 hours caused inconvenience in performing the work assigned. Interpersonal relationships were disrupted and questioned since I was disrupted and offline in a social network for example Facebook friends and Twitter followers would wonder for the absence and loose of conduct. In disruption to the use of a computer,  for example in completing class assignment internet use is important since apart from using library book article and information  on the internet are unavailable hence poor work is done, which result in poor grades as compared to someone who accessed the internet. In terms of social network, for example twitter and Facebook, current affairs will not be accessed; the social media as well provide a form of entertainment. Facebook hooks up individuals to ideal places of having fun and brings people together who have a common goal and interests. Celebrities use twitter in spreading their products and their location that they can be found when performing. In addition, new trends in fashion and mode of dressing are captured using computers.

The kind of technology chosen is   most effective and one who is more informed cannot do without it. The use of computer is important. According to the research conducted, one can be reliant on the kind of technology chosen especially if it performs most of the tasks and provides satisfaction. The connections created depicting the importance of technology in day-to-day activities. The world is being globalized and these have been accredited due to the use of advanced technology.


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