Parents and Stalkers


Indeed it is true that the today’s world is characterized by numerous circumstances that make one term the eventful circumstances’ happening on a daily basis as strange, weird, absurd or normal depending on the perception that an individual has towards the current society. The current society is characterized by numerous events that hardly existed in the a few years ago.

The strong advent of human rights is one such event that characterizes the today’s world. Under the human rights clause that is found in almost every country that utilizes rational principles in their governance process brings in another key aspect famously known as the children rights. As a result, children and young adults have found an enormous shield under various jurisdictions thus bringing them out of the intimacy of their parents but at the intimacy of the supreme constitution.

This has worked well for numerous children and young adults across the globe, since many parents went out of their parental responsibilities and into decision makers and pacesetters of the entire aspects of their children’s lives. In addition to this, numerous parents across the globe are witnessed not participating in any meaningful activities of mounding their children’s life to the positive but just derive pleasure from depriving their children with freedom from self-actualization.

Many parents across the globe dig into their children’s personal life all in the name of safeguarding their children’s’ future. This is evidenced by the recently witnessed use of software applications in young adult’s mobile phones and personal computers such as laptops by parents so as to monitor their children’s activities. Many young adults in middle level colleges and universities have been reportedly heard complaining that they are forced to spend long hours on skype calls by their parents only to ensure that they are within their school premises. Others are literally forced by their parents to sleep with video calling applications monitoring them only to ensure that they are asleep within their destined locations. Some parents also make uninformed visits to their children’s institutions’ learning so as to monitor their children progress in school.

A recently conducted research titled young adults and the environment, carried out by the Massachusetts institute department of social sciences, reveals that strict monitoring of young adults does not necessarily into developing the desired upright individuals in the society. Instead, digging deep into such young and inexperienced individuals’ lives only leads to their further frustrations. In its mild form, such frustrations results in creatively developing fishy ways acting irresponsibly behind their parent’s back. Frustration in its extreme forms has resulted to drastic effects that have ruined the lives of numerous young adults. This entails teenage suicides, drugs and substances abuse and even prostitution to just mention but a few. From the above illustrations, it is true that parents can translate to be the worst stalkers.

In this context, parenting is a different element from stalking. Parents have the right in following after their children in the progress they make in life with aims of protecting them from activities that are against both moral and ethical standards of the society. This activity of parents putting strict measures with respect to their children is of great essence in the current world. Parents are seen to be stalkers but in real sense they are just trying to protect the conduct and situations of their children. They put their children on toes due to reasons that guide their stay on earth with respect to their lives.

Parents are not stalkers because they are just concerned with the welfare of their children and their general progress in life. They are worried about their children because most of them have invested heavily on them therefore do not want their resources to go to waste when their children go astray from moral code of conducts. The parents are just trying their best to prevent their children from going away from the right path of morality.           

The parent’s actions are not related to stalking because they are not in a mission to deprive their children of their rights and freedom but they are after the betterment of the lives of their children. The parents are involved in activities like using tracking devices in order to protect their children from dangerous activities like human trafficking and kidnapping. This enables easy retrieval of the children when they are kidnapped because these activities are now rampant in the modern society. The efforts of the parents contrast with those of stalkers which are associated with violence and abuse of the victims. The parents are geared towards a good will of their children as well as reducing human related crime and violence like kidnapping and human trafficking.

Parents are involved in activities of tracking their children on how they use the internet as well as phone calls tracking. The parents are doing all this in order to prevent their children from harm. Most of the children feel that their rights of expression a swell as freedom of movement and speech is limited or denied by their parents who are on their toes on everything they do. The children end up terming their parents as stalkers because of the close monitoring and intrusion into their privacy.

In conclusion the parents are at times seen as stalkers especially when they follow their children very closely monitored and controlled. The parents are therefore advised to monitor their children only to the reasonable extent that does not result in the abuse of their rights and denial of their freedom.


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