Why i Love Travelling


Travel entails the movement of people between different geographical locations using certain mediums of communication such as air, water, road, and rail and other means by making successful movements. Travel also entails making trips to new places for fun or for or for official business. Traveling is important to my life as it entails an experience reason being it transforms my life. By traveling, I take a break from my daily, busy schedules and engage myself in exploration of new places as I admire man’s technological inventions and nature’s abundance and awesomeness in its fullness.

My reasons and motivations for traveling range from personal satisfaction with the aim of acquiring knowledge and education. I love traveling as it provides learning and educational knowledge about places and the history of places. Traveling also connects people of different cultural and religious backgrounds into a single common culture of traveling. Different people of different cultural and historical backgrounds who have varied interest and would love to learn from each other. Traveling expands our capacity and increases the diversity experience places to greater heights.

I love traveling, as it is one of the several ways to fight and reduce stress and enhance healing from social daily living. It is also a stream to let off emotional and mental fatigue. Traveling is a leading event that creates fun and personal fulfillment. Traveling also leads to acquiring of new skills and is among the leading social events that lead to both technological and cultural exchange. Traveling helps us to rediscover ourselves and rejuvenates new hope and expectations by tasting other people’s way of life. My motivations for traveling are inspired by the experience to learn new languages and other forms of intercultural social exchange. It is also an experience to enjoy foreign meals and drinks and feel the varying climatic and geographical conditions.

In addition, I have been to different places around the world. During the 2011 summer holiday, i got a chance to visit Africa for my vacation. One on the unique things about travelling to Africa, Kenya is that I got a chance to visit the famous eighth wonder world Maasai Mara. I admit my tour to Africa culture shock carried the day every place that I visited. If memory serves me right, I call the third day to I was staying Maasai Mara safari lodge the interesting part of the stay around maasai Mara is that it was the interesting part and a chance to interact with the famous maasai people. Over the night, the Maasai people the Maasai Moran warriors made to stay out during the cold night covering myself with only the Maasai kikoy lesso.

Maasai morans are the youthful Maasai and their duty in the community is to protect the community at night from any intruders. The interesting parts of this night was chance that we were frying meet in the cold night, we could see lion watching of from a distance. Maasai warriors have been train on how to deal and scare lions away from their homestead something that make the Maasai people unique amongst the 42 communities of Kenya. Additionally, I also paid a visit to one of the Maasai manyatta that is made from cow dug.

In conclusion, my travel to Africa was educative and motivational. It was a learning experience. Traveling is my best ways of spending my leisure time away from the normal livelihood. Travelling is the best way of exchanging culture and learns from other culture that I never had dreams of meeting.


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