IPhone 5


IPhone 5 is actually a touch screen based phone that is developed by the apple Inc. It is the 6th generation of iPhone and succeeds iPhone 4s. This phone is lighter and slimmer model which introduces a higher resolution screen of 4-inch. Generally, the reception of this phone has been positive. The labor and components that are required to this phone are actually estimated to cost 207 us dollars. The topic that I will be discussing in this paper is the sale of iPhone 5 that shows that it is top 5 million in debut weekend and continues to be the leading smartphone in the company in terms of sales.

            On last year, Apple announced that its iPhone new brand smartphone essentially set a new record for opening the weekend sales. The company has confirmed that throughout its initial 3 days availability, it actually managed to sell over 5 million handsets of iPhone including the preorders. In addition, the company has said that over 100 million owners of iOS device updated to the iOS 6 since the release of OS. As a result of heavy demand, Apple Company has sold many iPhone 5 handsets where it has in addition announced that recently it sold over 2 million iPhones during the initial 24 hours availability of this smartphone.

            Early estimates suggested that Apple could sell over 10 million brand new iPhones during the Smartphone’s debut weekend and as a result the Apple’s stock is essentially down 2.24% in the pre market trading. This smartphone is available for sale in Canada, Australia, United States, Germany, France, Japan, Hong Kong, UK, and Singapore. By 28th September last year, the company aimed to make iPhone 5 smart phone to be available in 22 extra countries and by the end of that year, make wit available in over 100 countries. In fact, the demand for this new brand was more than its initial supply. In October last year, majority of the pre orders had been shipped to its customers and many more were scheduled to be shipped. The chart below show the company’s number of iPhone 5 pre orders.

The Company manager claimed that iPhone 5 demand had been credible and the entire company aimed to delivery these smart phones to their customers. These customers in addition continue until this moment to demand more and they have in addition gone to an extra mile of ordering them through online. For example, the following graph shows the demand for the IPhone 5 sales.  

The reason why this new brand has been selling at a higher rate is its price and availability. In the United States the suggested retail price $ 199 for 16GB model, for 32 GB it is $ 299, and for the 64 GB it is $ 300. The company has in addition gone further to open an online account where the smartphone is made available. This has actually boosted its sales tremendously as the customers can access all the information that they require about iPhone 5 smartphone. In recent times, the demand for this smartphone continues to be high hence the Apple company has expanded its avenues where customers are in a position to access these smart phones whenever they need them.  For instance the following graph shows the increasing iPhone 5 sales.


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