We Are The Course Of Global Warming


Global warming is the gradual rise in temperature on average, of the earth’s atmosphere and oceans. All over the world, .the heat that is trapped on the earth’s service of carbon dioxide and various other gases shows the essence of global warming as the temperature rises gradually. Over the years there have been rise of temperature by 0.8 since 20th century. Global warming has caused climatic change ,with has resulted to the fall and resulting on many problems that happen to human beings ,it has affected the economy ,communities and health in many ways .if you link different aspects like for instance the acute weather and  issue of health. The earth results into calamities these are as storms, droughts, rise in heat, and the fire; this is the essence of global warming.

Earth is a home of man and any activity done by man has influence on the climatic changes in the environs, broadly speaking man is considered the biggest contributor to global warming because of activities that he performs on earth which have effect on the climatic condition. Humans are highly responsible for the destruction of the ozone layer; the hole has resulted due to human manufacturing methane gas. Ozone layer is an important part in the atmosphere since it prevents dangerous gases in to being emitted at the surface of the earth. Greenhouses that are made by man himself ha resulted into emission of greenhouse gases that have resulted in greenhouse effect, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of the earth, and the radiative forcing. carbon dioxide is majorly produced when man burning coal  and oil which increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and it concentrates in air making the globe more warmer than before this has been known as the greenhouse effect.

Human activities cause air pollution. All over the worth, many factories and industries result in emission of undesired gases majorly carbon dioxide and other gases like methane. These gases, accumulate in the atmosphere and in the long run destroy the ozone layer as depicted this results in  changes in the temperature on the earths’ surface ,these  has resulted in the melting of ice and snow dominated places of which have resulted in flooding ,destruction of property and displacement of people. The energy of the sun that reaches the earth thirty percent of it is reflect to the space again .any changes on the amount of reflected sunlight and that which is absorbed affect the earths’ temperatures .the findings is due to increased human activity  particularly those reflective particularly particles containing sulfur. Human deforestation and degradation of the environment is another active it that encourages global warming. For instance, as man is trying to increase its habitat he clears forests and explores natural places. This would result in global warming in those trees helps in using carbon dioxide, so if there is less trees the amount of carbon dioxide results in general climatic changes. As there is little utilization of the carbon dioxide that resulted in human activities for instance, burning garbage, oil, charcoal, and coal, which is a major cause of global warming. Humans also clear bushes and forest for agricultural activities for their own benefit in ensuring food security. Actually little do they know that their uncontrolled activities would affect them negatively later as forests would act as catchment areas and reduce desertification due to forestation in this way such negative aspects to the environment results in droughts which affects the production in agricultural products they have been working on it. Human activities need to be observed since it has posses a danger in human health. However, many people do not even know the effect that climate change. The people living in abject poverty and those who are vulnerable to diseases for example the elderly, the infants. The expansion of general  population across the globe has resulted to the increased human activities which in the end results in increase in pollution of the environment and results in accumulation of undesired gases, for example the accumulation of carbon dioxide that results to the general warming of the earth .

Humans activities are essentially many in urban centers there are many vehicles each of which emits carbon dioxide ,such gases as they accumulate in the atmosphere has resulted to the global warming in that the area experiences an increase in temperatures which are not conducive to peoples’ health .humans increase in their ignorance by disposing garbage carelessly. Global warming is also because of human activities increasing in that it has posed a risk on water it will be hard for sufficient water supply in future years. Studies show that water shortage would be experienced by nations due to the global warming. Global warming in the end due to the increase in the general temperature has resulted to affecting the economic sphere of the globe. As nations struggle to curb the rising climatically change has it has affected the production sector which is under pressure in trying to provide human satisfaction in ensuring a continual supply of food supply and efficiency in labor market.

Human activities for instance, industrialization, science and technology is another cause of global warming ,the use of technology in production for example machines use a lot of electric power in doing their tasks in this regard it results in the production of carbon dioxide that accumulates in the atmosphere causing general increase in temperature. As discussed earlier ozone layer in the atmosphere would have, a hole that results to the emission of rare gases ton the surface of the earth causing warming on the globe. Agricultural yields fluctuations in standards in the melting glaciers, and extinction of certain species in earth could be because of climatic changes, also the disorganization of the health sectors in that it causes the existence of certain disease vectors for instance malaria. Greenhouse gases many of them occur naturally, they are beneficial in keeping our planet as a better environment that backs up human life; however, the humans’ use of coal and oil results to excess greenhouse gases leading to global warming.

 In conclusion, to curb global warming to help improve our lives there is need to call for all human activities to be regulated. There is need to go green so far many countries and the world as a whole have done major campaigns to stop global warming for instance there is world environment day .there is call for people to drive smarter cars and energy solutions which are smarter. Global warming is major challenge in the globe; measures and regulations are set to curb the habits that are not environmentally friendly. Stern measures have been put in place for example prosecution and high fines.

In the view of reconfirming thesis of global warming and its effects has shown that human activities contribute to the high levels over the same which causes negative implications to the environment.


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