College’s Music and Festivals Concert


This year’s annual College’s Music and Festivals Concert was a big achievement. I had the honor to attend with years annual music festivals with was characterized by colour and pompous. This event was marked by thousand of attendants and participants from schools across the country. The hall was parked to capacity and having arrived earlier, the band was busy testing their instruments and soft humming tunes were playing to warm the hearts of the audience as different participants fine tuned their melodies outside.           

The first category of performance was a vocal jazz ensemble directed by Teri Roiger which was backed by a series of well equipped instrumentalists and vocalist who performed overwhelmingly to the breathtaking expectacular disbelief of the audience who were left clapping for a very long time after wards. The band opened the event by a soft tune by Duke and Jon cottontail; followed thinking about your body and finally the song that raised eyebrows leaving the audience yearning for more was I want you back by the late king of pop Michael Jackson. Coincidentally this was the late king’s 1st anniversary thus the crowd went wild on the memorial and some jubilantly characterized the occasion with tears. His presence still haunting them and his tunes lingering on the air.           

The second song to be staged was a jazz ensemble directed by john Menegon. There were another set of lively instrumentalist and a powerful vocal backup. The drums expertise was one pat that never let the crowd to go lamenting as he worked tirelessly on the piece of skin. The two other guitarists let the tunes sink masterfully into the yearning souls of the audience and participants ensuring everything were in order and only the best was presented for the night. The first song on stage was Haitian fight song which was magnificently performed and best staged. It was simultaneously followed by segment by perker and finally the peak of the second session was when Herbie Hancock presented the song butterfly the drove the crowd wildcats this point I could that ecstasy held a superlative. This marked the epitome of the concert.

The third staged performance of the night was a vocal jazz ensemble 218 again by Teri Rougher and other renowned background performers. The first song they staged was taking a train by Billy strayhorn. This marked the epitome of the night as the skillful singers unveiled their talents and professionalism. For Teri the concert is a matter of life and death and believes in delivering nothing but the best. The audience was still yearning for more when they launched their last vibrant performance by Esperenza the song precious which fore saw its unique mixture of vocal cords and sounds.      

The epitome of the music festival and the impact of the concert was a remarkable one as everyone who was present vowed never to miss another remarkable event. The judges definitely were going to have a rough and hard time choosing the winners of the concert as the three categories presented were competitively participated and well performed. All the categories were competitively presented and the vocals and the instruments well matched. The songs were lively and this made this annual event unique from its predecessors. All the schools were well presented and the audiences were well participating and lively. This made this year’s annual event so unique that will remain in my mind and the mind of others fresh like the liveliness that characterized it.


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