God Is Not Omnibenevolent


People have different opinions on whether God is omnibenevolent or not.  I want to put across some reasons why I think He is not. I will argue from facts and later draw a sensible conclusion for you to understand and make a clear cut between beliefs and reality. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and other religions believe that God is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. However, I tend to differ from this reasoning. 

If God is omnibenevolent, then he must know that sufferings exist among humankind.’ He would end these sufferings because he already has prior knowledge even before they befall us. Human sufferings continue to persist and yet the all-knowing God watches over such things happening. For instance, how do you explain innocent people suffering in a road accident, drought, floods, hurricanes, and other natural calamities claiming lives of people? In addition, widows, orphans and other poor families continue to go hungry without food just in the same scenario. Even you as a mortal human being, would you sit down and watch the other person getting into a mess without warning him or her?

If evil exists and God created everything, then God is not omnibenevolent.’ Existence of evil in this world challenges the idea. This is due to the fact that God is either unable to abolish evil or unwilling. If this is the case then he is not all-powerful or even all good. There is no valid reason why evil should exist. If God hates evil and term it as a sin, why then should He not abolish it? He fully understands that sin has and continues to cause affliction among human beings. From the above argument, I conclude that God is not omnibenevolent.      

‘if hell exists and God created all things under the face of this earth then God is not omnibenevolent.’ Hell is said to be a pace of torment for those who committed evil acts. If he knew that there are people who would fall into sin, why did he went ahead and created them. It is like taking your time to make a chair just to throw it later into fire. Really if you knew it won’t help you then why waste your time? It is illogical. Then to add on that being all good, was there need for him to create such a lake of burning  sulphur?

‘If Jesus is God and was crucified to save the world and yet many people do not believe then God’s omni benevolence is not valid.’ Christians and most protestants  in particular believe that Jesus is God and if for he is all able and good was it not logical to make the whole universe believe in him? I don’t  think there was need of making it optional and yet he knows the best place for the people he created.

‘If it’s the maker who actualizes what he makes and God made the universe then he is not omnibenevolent.’ In this universe things happen both Good and bad and all are making of a single being. Imagine for example, earthquakes or hurricanes comes occasionally consuming thousands of persons. Being a manager of this universe its ironical to allow such events consume the very people and property you are supposed to watch over.

 To sum up this issue “If God exists. God is not omnibenevolent.”


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