Kitchen Layout Plan

ImageKitchen is vital department in any restaurant. It is necessary to exercise due care and seek for expert advice during planning a kitchen design and layout because this is the place where ingredients are prepared for cooking and are later cooked for service. Basically a kitchen should be planned in accordance with the menu of the restaurant. A kitchen planned according to the menu envisaged enhances accuracy in equipment selection spacing, determination of capacity and purchases.

As the manager of Green Hill Restaurant, a middle sized restaurant dealing with variety of foodstuffs I will first take preliminary steps of contact the local health department explaining to them about our restaurant. At this point it is important to understand the requirements, relevant codes. Secondly I will is to contact the  building department to understand more about, plumbing, building and fire codes that are relevant to the project I intend to put up.

The fist decision to make is deciding on the fuel to use. The fuel choices include heating oil, steam, propane gas, electric, natural gas and wood. Natural gas, electricity, steam and propane gas are the appropriate forms of energy given that Green Hill is a modernized high class restaurant. A ratio of five square feet per would be a good guideline to adopt.

Now to the real planning, the first thing is to draw a flow chart this is an important step that shall help to reduces bottlenecks during production and service. During planning one should consider producing; high sanitary conditions, increased efficiency within the restaurant, smooth, and uninterrupted flow, workflow and volume. After all the above factors have been keyed in, issues like lighting, ventilation, sprinkler system, floor covering, wall covering among others are put in order.


Lighting of the kitchen:
This kitchen will use fluorescent tubes for lighting of the kitchen in order to ensure safety, quality control and increasing efficiency. This will also ensure cool temperatures in the kitchen which are suitable for operations. This kitchen also have sufficient lighting to ensure that all things can be put in the right order.

The circulation of air is of great importance to the kitchen therefore it should have proper cooling system to allow the free flow of fresh air. This kitchen should have efficient air conditioners. The canopy and the motor should be used for cooling the kitchen. The kitchen should have ventilations on its wall that regulates free flow of air.

The floor covers should not be slippery in order to avoid accidents in the kitchen. The tiles should not be used because they can easily crack or warp because of the high moisture content in the kitchen. The kitchen should have a fairly rough floor which is durable and easy to clean.

The kitchen wall should be covered with tiles because they are durable and easy to clean. The gloss paint should not be used because of hygienic reasons.

The sprinklers should be put in place to ensure security in case of fire in the kitchen. Fire extinguishers should ever be in place so as to cater for emergency. The fire alarm system should be installed to cater for security in case of fire risks.

The kitchen should contain the high quality equipment necessary for storage, cooking or preparation as well as serving equipment. The kitchen should therefore be shelved to provide storage space for the foods. The kitchen should also contain enough preparation and cooking equipment to ensure safe and efficient preparation of foods.

The ovens and steam fueled equipment should also be used for fast and safer cooking of foods.

These are required for preservation of the perishable items like fruits and milk. This helps in preventing food poisoning.


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