The Flip Side of the Internet


‘The flip side of the internet fame’ an article by Jessica Bennett.  The author seeks to elaborate the negative impacts of posting on the internet on the overview of a private video concerning the video of chubby Canadian teen of the name Ghyslain Raza.  The author clearly  illustrates the how the character made a  film of  himself  while acting  out  a  specific  fight  scene in  the film produced in the  year 2002 by  the name “star wars”. On the same perception a year later the chubby Canadian teen was on the media recorded in a funny digitalized manner in the TV studio of the school’s site.

The same video was posted online by another student without his necessary go ahead permission.  Within a couple of days the film by the title ‘Star Wars Kid”  became a viral frenzy with a widespread fame of dismay which ultimately made the kid to be in the manner that somehow illustrates the context of which he  feels humiliated in a certain way.  This is because it was beyond his expectations to be so famous in the light of the general public and the internet global village.

The author seeks to illustrates a clear theme in an example which effectively shows the various negative impacts associated by unauthorized postings of  the various forms of  art  such  as video or any other  material on the  internet site which on  the same point brings the form of humiliation and the associated  disgrace to  the individual highlighted in  the public arena and domain. Jessica Bennett further brings to the lame light the associated internet plights associated with the online created sites which seeks to post the shameful postings and irrelevant blogs to the associated humiliated parties.

The various sites which to an extent pose to be a turmoil to the many, seek to operate under the cloak of associated framework that illustrate the context of running out of the bracket of exercising  the freedom of speech and expression respectively.  “The internet has proved to be loose cannon”

 This is in the overview that as the internet focuses on the provision of updating information and at the same time sacrifices an individual’s privacy.The virtual world of the internet does not provide a safe haven of one’s own actions or even the most personal secrets that a person is hiding’. In this context it brings the issue that reflects the Canadian teen who highlighted to be acting in the war film with the specified scenes in “The Star” film.  The personal secrets of an individual are highlighted in the lame light that seeks to destroy and effectively tint the image of the same individual.

“It seems there is no more respect for personal privacy in the virtual sense of the word”.  In this statement the author seeks to bring the most elucidating and tormenting situation that an individual goes through when ones image is tinted and painted in a color that demarcates the violations of one’s personal rights and infringement of the same. In this case the Canadian teen’s family is pushed to an end that makes them pay the relevant high price for his counseling and the associated trauma that the young boy passes through.  On that overview the internet poses a mental torture and trauma in   a frenzy that brings the negatives to the teen in   a lame light that lowers his self esteem.

The author further illustrates the naked picture of the internet that seeks to highlight the various plights that individuals do pass through when the unsavory information is brought to the world public domain. In relation to the ‘Star Wars Kids’ the family spends much precious time in the therapy as a result of  the unpredicted  ordeal that the their son pass through as a result of  the uploaded video site on the internet.  Though the family tries to settle the matter in court, it becomes a matter that does not bears fruits as the various numerous versions of the video are produced in the internet. The author argues that;’ if the “Star Wars Kid” has anything

To teach us, it’s that shame, like the force, will always be with you’.


As a result, as illustrated by Ms. Bennett’s essay, it can be accomplished that an accusation can accordingly generate an internet sensation even that seeks to the disadvantage of a person’s character. In my own view the context whether true or false the internet serves as a deterrent in creating  the unsolvable havocs in the global overview that maliciously taint the images of  the various innocent creatures.

 The maliciously posted blogs and videos against an individual can cause obsolete defamation that one cannot even finish in court because the specific act liability cannot be proven libelous. Sadly these malicious actions can break or on the other view make a person in the face of the global overview.


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