Breaking up with someone can be such had to individual who are emotionally weak.  If you have been involved on a relationship and you feel that that relationship is not working out. It is good to understand that that is your point of view. You may not be in a position to explain what the other part feels about you. Your partner maybe be feeling something different and may not be expecting to break up with you. It is necessary to take the right approach that will result to you having a friendship relationship after the break up. However, reality is that you should not expect an automatic friend approval from your ex-lover. It may take time most months.

Furthermore, it is advisable to step up a good environment for you and your partner, an environment that is far from the public in order to avoid embarrassing your partner in public. Additionally the reason why you should chose serene and secure environment that is far away from a crowd is that this will enable you and your partner to discuss in details the reason as why you feel your relationship is not making sense. Ensure your break up does not come out as a surprise, let your partner get the feeling that everything is not okay .  A point to note is that it is not advisable to breakup with your partner through mobile conversation or through the internet.

Finally, ensure that you explain yourself honestly. Your partner can connect with your telling and she is in a better position to know if you’re taking from your heart. In addition to this, give your partner a chance to respond to your suggestion. After breaking up with your partner, it is advisable that your main you cell phone number. Do not date anyone person immediate for a period of not less than months’.


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