The name Illuminati refer to several groups, both fictitious and real. This name originated from a Latin name, Bavarian Illuminati which refer to an era of enlightenment of the secret society which was founded on 1st May 1776. This secret society was meant to go against prejudice, superstition, abuses of state of power, religious influence over public life, as well as supporting gender equality and women’s education. The illuminati and other secret societies formed by the leadership of Bavarian government were outlawed through efforts of the Roman Catholic in 1785. In the years that followed, religious critics and conservatives vilified the group due to claims that they regrouped and they caused the French Revolution.

In another angle, illuminati refer to the several organizations that are purported or claiming to be insubstantially related to the former Bavarian Illuminati. These groups have always been alleged to control the world affairs conspiringly through masterminding events as well as through agents in corporations and governments. All these efforts of masterminding events in corporations and governments are to gain a new order in the world as well as gaining further influence and political power. It argued that illuminati lay its foundation on movies, novels, comics, televisions, shows, music videos, and video games.

The movement started in 1st May 1776, in Bavaria by five members. This was started by Jesuit and then taught Adam, a professor of University of Ingolstadt. The group was composed of freethinkers as the beginning of enlightenment and it was believed to have been based on the Freemasons. The members of illuminati took the oath of secrecy and respect to their superiors. The members of this secret group were basically divided into three groups or classes. Each group had several degrees and many of the illuminati concentrations drew their terms of membership from current the Masonic lodges.

The aims and goals of illuminati include the efforts to eliminate prejudice, superstition, and dominion of catholic churches over philosophy; silence and science. They also try as much as possible to eliminate the oppressive abuse of power by states. They also advocate for women’s treatment and support in all aspects of life equitably. The members of illuminati were mainly the influential intellectuals and the powerful politicians. The order has several branches all over Europe, recently reporting an increase in number to about 2000 members in duration of ten years. Most literary men were convinced to join this order. Some of the men are Johann Goethe.
Karl Theodor became the ruler of Bavaria in 1777. He was a staunch ruler who eliminated all secret groups which included Illuminati. The rupture and panic within this secret society led to its downfall. The documents relating to this secret group were seized by the government in 1786 and the home of Von Zwack was raided in order to retrieve more information relating to illuminati.

Between the period of 1797 to 1798, Barruel and Robinson brought forward illustrations both theory and publicized claiming that the secret group of illuminati survived. They brought forward claims including the claim that it was the driving force of the French Revolution. They also claimed that illuminati represented an international conspiracy that was ongoing. The works of Barruel and Robinson were spread to United States of America. Some of the religious groups preached against the existence and spread of illuminati all over Europe and America. This issue raised concern all over about illuminati. The concern about illuminati decreased in the early 1800’s but it revived again during the campaigns against Masonic movements 1820 to 1810s.

In the modern world, most of the present-day and recent claim to have originated from the original Bavarian illuminati making the use of the name illuminati is very common in the current society. Some of the groups use variations in the order but others use illuminati to symbolize a certain trend or level in their organization. Despite the fact that there is little evidence that the current groups have got significant amount of influence or power, these groups still encourage affiliation to the illuminati so as to attract membership rather than remaining in secrecy.  

Though there is no proof that the original Bavarian illuminati thrived the suppression forces in 1785, most writers have argued and claimed that it survived and it is currently present in the modern society. Many of the conspiracy theories claims that most activities in the world are controlled by the secret group called illuminati. The conspiracy theorists have also claimed that most of the notable personalities in the world were or they are still members of this secret group called illuminati. The conspiracy theory focused on finding evidence that relates to illuminati from the historical events like French Revolution, Waterloo and the assassination of President J.F Kennedy. The infiltration into the film industry of Hollywood was also attached to illuminati. It is also argued that illuminati play a major role in the plots of various novels which are ion supply. They also argue that the mixture of pure fiction, historical fact or established conspiracy can be used to portray illuminati control and influence.



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