Woman on the Media


In the modern world, women physical appearance and beauty has been used widely to portray an ideal appearance which is not possible in reality. This ideal perception of women used in the media has made the women to focus their time and attention in matters pertaining to beauty and physical appearance as showed on the media. The media have used beauty to make women forget important values in life like self objectives, characteristics and individuality. This happen because women tend to concentrate on their physical attributes as portrayed by the media. The media made women to always believe in perfection of their beauty. The media use women to portray a perfect figure of their bodies as well as their shape to indicate beauty. Women have been made to believe on being perfect housewives in conducting home chores like taking care of their children and husbands and at the same time having a good career. All these efforts of the media are meant to make the woman an object of beauty and home worker for the benefit of men.

In the modern world women bodies and organs are used in the media a subjects in promotion of products and services in the market. This make s women strain to attain the appearances portrayed in the media making them lose their true values in life because they will divert their efforts in seeking such ideal perception of the media. The image and perception of women portrayed in the media have made them tools to be controlled by the media to attain their own plans and objectives. This perception of women in the media made them lose concentration on the real life issues like social responsibility, independence and consciousness in their personal lives. This is because women have been used in advertisements as perfect sex objects and toys for men. Women are used by advertisement to promote their products and services like the use of naked women images to advertise services like beaches and swimming costumes.

Women bodies are used to portray perfect skin qualities like color and smoothness in the promotion of body lotions and cosmetics. Women put a lot of their attention in perfection of their beauty in respect to their skins and dressing which is an aim of the advertisement companies to maximize their profits. This has made companies to compete in using the most perfect women models in the promotion of their products. This makes women put their attention and focus on the image portrayed in the advertisements which diverts attention from their own life issues. The companies makes their profits but this makes the image of women degraded and perceived a s sex objects. This leaves women to attain perfection in beauty which is an impossible non-existent thing.

The perception of beauty by the media to be perfect as they portray have made those women who do not have such qualities to look down upon themselves. This subjects them psychological trauma and stress since they perceive their physical attributes to be low and imperfect. This makes women to go ahead and use the cosmetics advertised in a bid to attain the perceived looks and beauty. The women may end up using products which may be disastrous to their skins leading to other health problems. Most of the women avoids taking food as they struggle to attain a thin and attractive physical body as portrayed by the media. This may have negative impact on women because the results may not be as they expect leading to emotional depression and low self-esteem. The whole process lead to objectification of women. This make the women lose their original identities.

In most of the film productions, for instance, in Hollywood film productions women have been used as objects to portray love and sex to men. This objectification of women lowers their status to merely sex objects. This makes women believe that their role in life is to make men happy by fulfilling their sexual desires as well as taking care of them. The soap opera movies portray perfect relationships making women believe that they are tools for making men happy. The music videos use content which contains naked women in order to market their songs. This still portray women as sex objects. The exposure to sexual content makes many young women engage in risky sexual behavior which results in unpleasant consequences in their lives.

The use of pornography is another tool used to objectify women. It exposes women to sexual activities both with men and objects or even animals like dogs. The excessive consumption of pornographic materials makes people perceive women as sex objects. This leads to low dignity of women because they will be viewed as mere sex toys which are used to gratify sexual pleasures.

Women are viewed as perfect wives and mothers. They are also expected to excel in their careers in order to act as role models to their children. They are therefore to sacrifice a lot in achieving all these objectives as portrayed in the media.

In conclusion the constructed image of women in the media have made women suffer a lot psychological torture and stress as they try to attain the ideal perfection. This exposes them to many difficult situations because perfection is not possible. This has also led to a negative perception towards women since in most cases they are viewed as sex objects.


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