American Dream


The American dream refers to the desires that every man wants to live and become what his purposes of living calls him to become. The American dream is significance of freedom of achieving your dreams at your own speed. The origin of the phrase American dream is derived from a group British people who wanted to be set free from the monarchical rule of King George the second and thus came to American to seek that freedom. The American dream calls for ones sacrifice in order to achieve your desired dreams in life. There are different meanings that arise when we here the phrase American dream. However, the meaning of the American dream remains to be search for personal freedom. In this paper, we are going to look for a deeper understanding of the American dream by analyzing the history of the American dream and the origins, causes of that led to the founding American dream.

To begin with, the American dream is a symbol of freedom. Freedom from colonial rule, freedom to achieve goals in life and the freedom to achieve social stability by every human despite the challenges one may encounter in life. The history of the American dream dates back in the rule of King George the first in the 17th century where thousands of America travelled to America in search of religious and political freedom. England was facing economic instability and wide spread of unemployment that was cause by farmers who switched from agriculture to livestock production that required one to employ few workers. This colonist sacrificed the little they had to sail across the sea to America. They did so because they knew that there was a land where they could raise their lives better. British colonist founded the American dream.  

In the past the American dream had a different meaning to the people of America. However, this has changed over the time with different people around the world view of America as the land of hope and opportunity. In the modern world the American dream has faced critics from global leaders for trying to convince human beings that each and everyone has an equal opportunity despite their social background. The American dream has different meaning to people around the world. Critics around the world have blamed the American dream for over-inflated opportunities, because it has done nothing to improve the situation in which the working class is hard to get ahead.

For many of the people who visit United States, the aim of coming to this great country is to find a chance where you will be able to achieve all your dreams without going through difficult circumstances. For example, my friend in college says that he finds this country a great country where the government is committed towards developing and assisting each individual to achieve and live a good life. This is through the ensuring there are mechanisms put in place to ensure that life is fair to everyone. People believe that if you bring up your child in America they have better chance of prospering in life than other place in the world only to find barriers like class, caste, religion, race and ethnicity.

As for me, the American dream is about fulfilling once desire in a modern world where you do not have to have trouble because our founding father laid a good foundation stone. Many people come to America in search of greener pasture which can only be only be achieved by people with good skills. You cannot come to America and get rich sudden, you have possessed skills that will help you achieve what you want out of America. Yes is the land of opportunity, but it requires individual to have skills that will help earn a living and respect in the society. My American dream is about personal obligation at once space and serene environment that supports my dream. Achieving dreams here is very easy since the government has established policies that guide our lives in the right direction. For example, look at the No Child Left Behind act of 2001 that allows all children to have access to quality education. All these factors enable individual to achieve their dreams easily while in America than any other parts of the world. The American dream is real, but only if you set the right mind.

Finally, the American dream is closely link with the development of American from an unrecognized land to one of the most desire destination globally. Over people look for visas to travel and live in the US because of its many factor that favor life. The American dream should be defined at a personal level since it requires personal motives in achieving once goal. As we have seen, it is clear that America dream entails the search for freedom in a land where you own the right to develop you life at the speed you expect. However, this dream requires hard work for one to achieve his goals. The America dream cannot be realistic without strategy. You have to posses’ skills and strategy that will make your dream realistic. You do not wake up and find riches in your table. Everyone has equal chance to succeed in life but with the right target.


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