Hip Hop’s influence on fashion


There has been an immense transition in the world over the years. People have come up with new styles or rather modes of dressing which other people emulate and in the end it becomes fashion. This is what is happening all over the world as designers and stylists are showcasing their creativity in their profession. Fashion is influenced by many things and apart from that, which is mentioned above, of course there are other factors, music appears to be among them. The culture of music has continued to influence fashion since the time it began. However the influence of music on fashion is great in the world today than it was in the past. Hip hop is basically the main genre of music which is going to be focused on and how it has influenced fashion over the years up to now.

Hip hop began over 35 years ago in the urban America. Since then, the genre of music has grown steadily and is still alive even up to now.  It is actually the second best genre of music with rock being the most common in America. The beginning of hip hop in the early 90s caught the attention of many. Brand managers saw it as an opportunity to use hip hop to advertise their products. This is how fashion began to be influenced. Rappers would just wear in their own styles and their mode of clothing would catch the eye of many people who would in turn copy what they saw. In time, everybody in the streets would be wearing in the same style as they saw the rapper in. this is how brands like fubu, phat farm, g-unit and others came to be popular.

The transition of fashion as stated above began many years ago and is still continuing to evolve. Aside from the quality of the music changing, rappers have come up with new and exotic modes of dressing. In the modern society today there are a wide variety of brands in fashion, for instance, there is Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Tommy Hilfiger, Prada and many other more. Some of these fashion brands are established by some of the rap artists. The putting on of jewellery basically was not that much evidenced in the early years of hip hop but nowadays everybody is wearing and the most common name given to them is bling bling. This has been evidenced by rappers like Soulja Boy, Rick Rodd, Swizz Beats, P-Diddy and many other more rappers. The influence on fashion is just so immense and it continues to grow each and every day.